Sunday, 27 February 2011

Trading cards

After our February holiday break, we were back on Saturday making artist trading cards.  The children all swapped one of their cards with us and these are the ones we were given.  We made sheets of them, so each child went away with nine cards to swap.
We used a variety of papers such as newspaper, old drawings, used wrapping paper and a holiday brochure.  My children had helped to eat the Quality Street sweeties so we could use the wrappers too.  The only 'new' paper used was some tissue paper and the card for the base for the cards.

Some people also added details in pen or by stamping their cards with little letter stamps.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Drawing Trees using objects


Last Saturday we drew around various household objects to make pictures of trees.  There were scissors, knobbly coasters, medicine spoons and CDs, among other things.  After drawing the objects, they were coloured using felt-tip pens. The drawings were amazingly different.  As these were large drawings (A2), they were not finished, so hopefully they will be completed next week.