Friday, 18 March 2011

Felt making morning

FAB (Friends of Art Balfron), who run ArtWorks, is having a free felt making workshop on Saturday 26th March.  We will be making pieces of felt, large and small, and it is a wonderful, hands-on, tactile activity.  Felt is suitable for all age groups from very young (the felt in the picture was made by children at Balfron Primary School Nursery) to the very old.
We are hoping that some of the finished felt will go on display in Balfron after the event.
COME AND JOIN US for 10 mins or all three hours.  Everyone is welcome.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Painting the totem poles

This week after two other sessions on our sculptures, the youngest group finally reached the important painting session.  These are in-progress shots and the room was amazingly quiet as they all concentrated on getting the best outcome for their models.

I haven't taken photos of the finished pieces yet as we were rather pre-occupied with the older groups who were painting their models white to give a better coverage of colour when they finally get set loose with it.  But watch this space - the photos will be here soon!