Sunday, 2 October 2011

Props and painting

I wasn't sure whether we should share these pictures, in case the lovely people at the McLintock Hall get worried for their room.  But they had so much fun doing this long painting, it would be a shame not to show it.  And we did wash, brush and hoover away all the mess before we left!

The youngest group was learning about colour mixing using hand printing.

This is them in line to get washed up.

After painting, we continued colour mixing by adding coloured cellophane...

and looked at complimentary colours by adding sticky plastic shapes.
The middle group continued making garlands of flowers for the FADs Panto, Beauty and the Beast.  They also were making life size drawings of Belle, the Beast, the Wicked Witch, the Good Fairy and the Clock.

Finally, the last group continued making the clock and some of them also wrapped up the presents for the Birthday Party scene, using the paper made by the youngest group last week. 

I think these presents look fabulous and I'm putting in my order for handmade paper for my birthday presents next month!