Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Block Printing

Callum creating an invite

This time at ArtWorks, we were block printing.  We made our own print blocks using polystyrene rather than lino and then used them to print invites to our exhibition on 18th June.  The variety of prints was great.  Some of the kids really got into the idea of making multiples of one block, others just wanted to make more and more blocks.

Elizabeth rolling to ensure a good print

Everyone wanting to use the yellow at the same time

Erin inking her block

There were so many prints, they covered lots of space when I laid them out to dry, but they all looked wonderfully colourful together.

After making a square block for the first print, we had my year's supply of polystyrene pizza bases to make larger round prints.  These proved harder to get good prints, but some of them turned out really well. 

Saturday is the last week of this session and I think some of the kids want to do more printing...

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